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The New Sonics Anthem

E-Dawg presents “We Ready” featuring Spaceman, The Natural Truth, Kalieb Nash and Thig Nat of The Physics. Produced by E-Dawg and Kevin Gardner.

What the Sonics Meant to Me

by Martell Webster Shooting guard with the Washington Wizards In my life I’ve been fortunate for so many reasons, not the least of which are the facts that 1) I get to play basketball and 2) I grew up in the Seattle area. I was also raised here when the Sonics were still in town,… Read more »

The Return of the Sonics Will Change Young Lives

by Tavio Hobson Founder, A PLUS Youth Program The Founder of A PLUS, Tavio Hobson has served as the A PLUS Executive Director since 2009. He is responsible for managing the program coordinators and staff, maintaining and refining the A PLUS program model as well as expanding the program in order to fit the A… Read more »

Why I’m working to bring the Sonics back to Seattle

by Pete Nordstrom I was made aware of Chris Hansen by Wally Walker probably at the beginning of ’12. At the time I was pleasantly surprised to learn of Chris’s intention to bring the NBA back to Seattle, but very skeptical of the likelihood of that actually happening. You see, I was part of the former ownership group… Read more »

Why Seattle Adaptive Sports Supports Sonics Arena

by Tami English Director of Seattle Adaptive Sports with player Nick Weiss As the Executive Director of Seattle Adaptive Sports, the only organization in Western Washington that provides wheelchair basketball opportunities for both young people and adults, I wanted to share why we are such active supporters of the new Arena proposal. Prior to the… Read more »

The Arena Will Have a Positive Impact on Businesses

by Mick McHugh Proprietor, F.X. McRory’s The day Felix threw his perfect game this season, I was working in the restaurant as usual. It was a beautiful summer day here in Seattle — those of us born here probably thought it was a little too hot — and the restaurant was packed before and after… Read more »

Slick Watts on the Sonics and the Seattle Community

by Slick Watts Former Seattle SuperSonic Technically, I was only a Sonic for six seasons but I can tell you from my experience, and from the guys I played with and have known over the years, once you step on the court in front of Seattle fans they make you a Sonic for life. There’s something… Read more »