What People Are Saying

We are a SODO business that is IN FAVOR of this new arena. It is good for jobs, it's good for quality of life, it is good for all of us. You shouldn't be worried about traffic, you should be worried about NO traffic. A moving, living, THRIVING city has traffic because things are getting done, people are moving around and life is exciting.

— Matt Johnson
SJS Mechanical Services, LLC 98134

I feel this arena deal could end up being better than anyone of us could have ever imagined, four years after the NBA has left. This is the gift of a second chance to fix a wrong. Please consider supporting the new arena deal offered by Mr. Hansen. The City of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest will appreciate it.

— Makoto S.

I am looking forward to seeing this arena offering jobs while it is built as well as creating many thousands of jobs because of the tourists and fans that the new deal will bring. I hope that you will consider the good opportunities that will come forth from this arena and make a decision that will benefit this city for years to come.

— Tracy H.

You’ve been charged with a great responsibility, at a historic time in Seattle’s history, I urge you do not allow this opportunity to pass us by.

— Thomas K.

I was the event director for the only professional tennis event in the history of the TacomaDome and have worked on other special events. Consequently, the departure of the Sonics created a vacuum that arguably could be filled by special events such as professional tennis exhibitions. Time has shown, however, that Seattle area sports fans have specific tastes which include strong support for their local professional teams.

— Michael Morgan
Law Office of Michael Morgan

I appreciate the work the Seattle council does in protecting tax payers. Years ago, the council held steadfast to those ideals, and now this latest proposal is an ideal solution! Interesting how holding to a position improves future solutions. This proposal should now be enthusiastically approved.

— Mke M.

This is our chance to develop a world class facility in an area that will perfectly compliment two other world class facilities, a unique stadium district that features many transportation options. As a taxpayer, I really appreciate the steps Mr. Hansen has taken to protect the public – this is a fantastic, extremely rare deal that deserves your full support.

— Tom H.

Ultimately, we all know that this is the greatest city in the world. A city like ours, not only deserves, but demands to have an NBA team. Professional sports bring joy to the community and unites our city as we come together to root for our home team.

— William W.

Not too many times in life are you given a second chance. Now, after totally mishandling the OKC venture, you have a golden opportunity to bring back an integral part of our the greater Puget Sound area. Not only are sports part of the fabric that make up our great region, but the economic impact a state of the art venue has would be significant.

— Greg Noson
Greater South Sound

As the co-owner of a sports bar in downtown Seattle, I have heard it all. Not a day goes by that we don't have at least one person talking about the Sonics, the lack of a major sporting arena, or how the city suffers in the absence of an NBA or NHL team. Please, think about what this arena proposal will do for the city--at the very least it gives the fans something to cheer about again. But more importantly we can look at it as a way to bring back something that means so much to the vibrancy of our city. It would be a shame to put yet another proposal to pasture that speaks so deeply to this city. Thank you,

— Rebecca Rice

Mr. Hansen is bringing in extra revenue from this project for the city and investing with his group a great amount of personal finance resources. As a businss owner in entertainment, I believe that this arena will provide more tourists, advertising, concessions and local business revenues during games.

— Ty Accornero
Emerging Artist Agency

We need this for the community. This team will bring us together.

— Robby C.

The far reaching economic benefit would even help my business, for example: Sam is taking Jenny out on a date to the game at the new arena. He certainly can't pick her up with a dirty car, so he comes to my wash first, (spends money there), goes to Ross, picks up a pair of new Jeans,(spends money there), Fills his tank at the Chevron (spends money there), gets his hair cut at the barber (spends money there). All because of the new Arena. We must think further out than just the immediate surroundings, as this will have a far greater reach than most think!

— Charlie Wilson
Kingsgate Car Wash

There is little value in rehashing the frustration an heartache I faced when so many precious memories moved to Oklahoma City in 2008. I hope that many of you felt the same loss and can relate on a personal level. There has been a void in my life that I have not been able to fill since that time. A white knight has emerged and offered a spectacular gift to us all, and a real opportunity to fill that void. There is a glimmer of hope and an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past.

— Erik K.

Chris Hansen’s proposal is not only a BIG deal – it’s a GREAT Deal. The addition of a new arena, bringing back the Sonics and adding a potential NHL team will only make this city a better place to live and visit. Please don’t disappoint!

— Mark W.

Having this arena truly seems like a no brainer. The citizens don’t want to pay the taxes and have more public funding and I completely agree with them. We are already in enough debt, building an arena on public dollars doesn’t make sense. Thankfully that isn’t happening and all of the funding is coming from Mr. Chris Hansen and the revenue that the arena would generate.

— Dan H.

This is extremely important. Please stop with the misleading statements and actually review the proposal. If you vote against this you are turning down hundreds of millions in development that will create jobs during an economic downturn. You are in an elected position and thus are not in any position to do such a thing. The people will take notice.

— Cameron J. Collins
Saku Entertainment & Media Law Group

The new arena is basically a gift that will generate untold income for the City of Seattle and King County. We are a big league city and county; we need to start acting like it. Please pass the new arena and bring back the Sonics!

— David G.

I think the proposal is amazing and would do wonders for this city. I think the development of the Sodo area that would result from having three top of the line arenas present in that area has the potential to be incredible.

— Kirk P.