Here is a live traffic feed from the proposed Arena site.
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  1. SoDo neighborhood is the region’s largest transportation hub, where Link Light Rail, Sounder Train line, bus rapid transit, Sound Transit Express, State ferry routes, two interstate freeways and the future deep-bore tunnel converge.
  2. Single event days are well within the area’s existing parking and traffic capacity.
  3. Most Arena operations (NBA and NHL) coincide with the off-season for the Seattle Mariners, minimizing overlap with events at Safeco Field.
  4. The Arena would increase the number of same day events with combined 40,000 or more patrons from 3 to 9 events on weekdays, and 22 to 33 events on weekends per year.
  5. Rare same day, same time Mariners games with high regular season attendance and sold-out Arena events can be accommodated with planned and funded roadway improvements, added parking supply and expansion of Link Light Rail transit system.
  6. Read the Traffic Study

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