Support the Storm and Show Your Sonics Pride

Fellow basketball fans,

I just wanted to give a big shout out to the Storm as they head into the playoffs this weekend. While we all await the return of the Sonics, we should not forget that it is the Seattle Storm that have kept the lights of professional basketball on in our city — and how. From an ownership group that is deeply committed to paving the way for women’s professional sports and a management team that has managed to achieve on-court excellence while setting a glowing example of community outreach, to a group of truly incredible athletes that I think any of us would be proud to have our daughters look up to, the Seattle Storm have been nothing short of amazing.

With this in mind, I would just like to encourage all of you to get out there and support our team this weekend. In addition to taking in some amazing playoff basketball and making sure the Storm enjoys the kind of home court advantage Seattle is known for, this Sunday’s game will be nationally televised and will provide the first great opportunity for all of us to show the country what a truly great basketball city this “Town” is. So let’s break out the old Payton and Kemp jerseys, dust off our Sonics hats, and get out there and represent on Sunday — and for the rest of the Storm’s playoff run. To all the people who have forgotten the Key used to be the loudest basketball arena in the country, let's show them we’re still here.

— Chris Hansen

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