Aug 07 • Voices in Support

Some Quotes About the Sonics Arena Proposal

"This is the right deal, in the right place, at the right time. So build it."
Stranger Staff, The Stranger, July 24, 2012

"It's an outstanding deal compared to just about any other stadium or arena deal of the past 20 years..."
Neil deMause, Field of Schemes, July 18, 2012

"The individuals who are leading the new arena effort to bring back the Sonics and attract a new National Hockey League team are assembling an excellent offer compared with professional sports projects in other cities."
Cary Bozeman, former mayor of Bellevue & Bremerton, Seattle Times, July 16, 2012

"The proposed public-private partnership is one of the most favorable to the public of any recent partnership."
Justin Marlowe, King County Arena Proposal Expert Review Panel, July 11, 2012

"The pro-basketball arena proposed for Sodo would be the best deal for the public of any sports stadium built around here in nearly 75 years."
Danny Westneat, Seattle Times, May 29, 2012

"This deal is a really good deal... It's hard to imagine getting a better deal than the one that's on the table."
Scott Rosner, Wharton School of Business, KJR, May 18, 2012

"Hansen has presented the best deal you'll see over the next decade, maybe longer."
Jerry Brewer, Seattle Times, May 16, 2012

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Aug 01 • Get the Facts

Regarding Businesses Around Sonics Arena

Recently, there have been some concerns that the proposed location of Sonics Arena would displace a number of manufacturing businesses in SoDo. As you can see below, all but one of the properties purchased for the Arena are not manufacturing businesses — and the one business that is manufacturing related was planning to relocate on its own before their land was purchased.

click image to embiggen

click image to embiggen

Finally, as to concerns about jobs in the SoDo neighborhood, we'd like to point out again that building the Arena will generate at least 2,000 high-wage construction jobs, along with hundreds of full and part-time jobs to keep the Arena running — jobs the SoDo neighborhood, and Seattle as a whole, would not have otherwise.

Aug 01 • Voices in Support

Lenny Wilkens on Sonics Arena and More

Jul 31 • Messages from Chris

Thank You

After the County vote I hopped on the ferry back home, grabbed a Corona, stretched my legs out, sat on the deck with the sun on my face, and took a quiet, peaceful moment to reflect on the day. This was a very big step, and I just hope all of our supporters appreciate that. There is a long way to go, and I am in no way trying to imply that this is a done deal yet... just that the struggle for things you hold dear is what life is really about. All the letters you wrote and the heartfelt testimony you provided was heard. And it mattered. You should all take a deep breath, smile and appreciate the significance of this day.

— Chris Hansen

Jul 30 • Messages from Chris

A Big Step Forward

Hey everyone,

I want to personally thank the King County Council for all of their hard work and for taking a big step today to move forward on our proposal. There is still much more to be done, but I am looking forward to sitting down with City Council members to figure out how we can make this deal work for everyone.

— Chris Hansen

Jul 25 • Voices in Support

Dwight Pelz on Supporting the Sonics

We should be a city that respects the desires and dreams of the child who falls asleep clutching a book, as well as the child who falls asleep clutching a basketball.

That's Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz, in an op-ed for PubliCola titled "Why Liberals Should Support the Sonics."

Jul 25 • In the News

“It’s a Safe, Good Deal for the City”

That's what The Stranger has to say about the Sonics Arena proposal. You can read their full endorsement at their site.

Jul 20 • Messages from Chris

Last Night’s Public Hearing — Thank You

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to thank all of you who came out to support us last night. While I was not there in person, I was there in spirit, and was getting the play-by-play from my mom, wife, sister, and 20 or so of my good friends. By all accounts, it was a great turnout and I really appreciate those of you who hung in there upstairs to watch on TV after the main room filled up.

But most important, the way most of you handled yourselves and your heartfelt statements couldn’t have been better, and I can assure you it was impactful. I also just want to say that it's really moving to see so many of you that share my passion. So again, thank you.

I also just want to remind you that we are in the home stretch here, and we can’t take our foot off of the accelerator. Both Council votes are coming up in the next few weeks, and it’s critical that we continue to make our presence felt. So keep those letters and emails coming, remind your friends to reach out, and break out the green and gold whenever possible. It’s time to make this happen.

– Chris Hansen

Jul 18 • Voices in Support

A Leading Arena Critic on the Sonics Arena Proposal

Neil deMause, a leading stadium and arena critic (he literally wrote the book opposing pro sports stadiums and arenas), has this to say about the Sonics Arena proposal:

It's up to Seattle residents and elected officials to determine whether this is a good use of the city's bonding capacity. But one thing seems pretty clear: It's an outstanding deal compared to just about any other stadium or arena deal of the past 20 years — I'd even say it's better than the San Francisco Giants deal for Pac Bell Park, since there the city paid for land acquisition, and here the city would only be paying for part of the land cost.

Jul 17 • Get the Facts

I-91… Take 3

I just wanted to take the opportunity to share with you our take on I-91 one more time in an effort to clarify our position in an easy to understand way.

The main problem that seems to be causing so much confusion for people is that the City and County are raising debt to fund their contribution and as such are not investing “cash” from the general fund. As such, there is no “cash” investment on which to calculate the “cash-on-cash” return required by I-91. Thus, the mistake that most observers (including Chris Van Dyk) keep making is to wrongly assume that the $200 million in debt financing is a cash investment and therefore reach the dubious conclusion that the City of Seattle has to earn a 30 year treasury return on the entire $200 million investment after accounting for the City’s debt service costs.

As can be seen in Section 2 of I-91 (below), “fair value” should be computed as the net cash-on-cash return after interest and financing costs. Nowhere in the entire ordinance is there a mention of applying a premium to the City’s borrowing cost when it is using debt instead of cash to fund its investment.

Fair value is defined herein as no less than the rate of return on a U.S. Treasury Bond of thirty years duration at the time of inception of any such provision of goods or services, real property or lease; and further, such return shall be computed as the net cash on cash return, after interest and any financing costs, on the depreciated value of the cash investment of the City of Seattle in such goods, services, real property or facility, and shall exclude all intangible, indirect, non-cash items such as goodwill, cultural or general economic benefit to the City, and shall also exclude unsecured future cash revenues.

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